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  • Leadership Coaching

    Business focused coaching, delivered by experienced leaders

    Challenging when you need it to be, kind when you don't

    Aways supportive and driven by your agenda

    We listen - you find solutions

    Coaching for established leaders

    A confidential space to think through issues and develop strategies

    We offer peer-to-peer coaching for CEOs and business leaders, providing a much-needed confidential space to offload, and talk honestly about business and personal challenges.


    Having worked in senior roles and led businesses ourselves, we understand the issues you face. We listen and question, we challenge assumptions, we put different perspectives and work with you to find solutions or answers that you are comfortable with. Being a leader can be lonely. We're on your side and we have no axe to grind.


    Coaching for new and aspiring leaders

    Moving from doing to leading

    We help new leaders and those on the brink of promotion to move from operational to strategic; helping them to delegate better, focus on the business more, get better at business development and networking, and grow in confidence as a result.


    Businesses often just expect people to know how to do these things and have the confidence to go for it. Some do, but it can be a big jump for others. We speed the process and help new leaders to thrive and flourish. We identify what's holding them back and help them build strategies they are comfortable with to grow in status and feel comfortable in their new roles.

    How it works

    Flexible and adaptable

    The standard package for new and aspiring leaders is 5 x 90 minute sessions. But we can often achieve measurable change in just three. We tailor our offer to your needs, based on detailed discussions with you before the sessions start so that we understand exactly what we are working to achieve.


    We check in regularly along the way and keep you in the loop about progress. It's a partnership and that benefits us both.


    For more established leaders, we're flexible and adaptable. Book a package of sessions to build a new approach or handle an ongoing situation; or use us on an ad hoc basis when issues arise and where an external perspective might help.

    What our clients say

    Constructive challenge and practical support

    " I've made a huge leap in my role and one that I now feel much more comfortable with, both in terms of my ability, how I am perceived by others and what I know I am capable of achieving"


    " Lindsay is a fantastic coach, her impressive professional background means that she understands and appreciates the challenges of being a senior leader. Her coaching approach is an effective mix of constructive challenge and practical support. No matter how difficult the issue, Lindsay's professional knowledge and experience and expert coaching skills ensure options are explored and solutions identified."


  • Career coaching

    Feel like you're not in the right role? We're here for you.

    Do what you want to do

    Do you feel trapped in a role that you drifted into? Have you always had a dream and want to make it a reality?


    Expert career coaching from someone who has changed direction and taken the plunge can help you turn your vision into a reality.


    We work with you to:-

    • Understand your strengths and skills better
    • Understand what roles and sectors you are best suited to
    • Understand how to get there
    • Make it happen! 

    We support you as you make the change and use our own knowledge and connections to help you as much as we can to move forward and really thrive at work. It's possible. It really is!


    What clients say


    "The coaching has helped me to formulate a career transition plan and to identify blockages to date. It has given me more focus and confidence to better target career opportunities whilst identifying strengths and weakness which can be exploited and developed. A highly worthwhile exercise. "


    "It has been a pleasure working with you and I feel that I have come a long way, and that is because of your coaching and support. I have really enjoyed our sessions and feel that you have a real strength in helping me (and others I’m sure) find a solution and put together a plan. I have always found you easy to talk to and understanding, and I felt that you were helping me to find my way rather than telling me what to do, which has been great and I hope allows us both to have a sense of achievement – I know I do."

  • How's your mental health today?

    Are you or one of your team feeling low or struggling to cope?

    Keeping on keeping on can be exhausting and can take a toll on our mental well-being. The impact on our motivation and ability to cope can be significant. When people feel low, the first thought is often to direct them to the doctor, or to therapy. But there are many circumstances where people don't need or want to go down the medical route.


    If you or a team members is struggling with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, loss of confidence or motivation, our 3-session programme could help you to feel more like your normal self.


    We provide a safe and supportive space for people to talk about how they're feeling in an open and honest way. Using a mix of coaching and CBT techniques, we help people to understand why they're feeling as they do and learn techniques to manage those feelings and their reactions to the situations that trigger them.


    In most cases, 3 sessions is enough and people see a real difference in their mood after the first session. If the situation is more serious, we support people as they find the additional help they might need.

  • Personal coaching

    Supporting people who are struggling at work

    Individual sessions

    You might be feeling overwhelmed; you might have issues with your boss, or you might just want an external perspective on your situation. You might need a one-off session, or feel ready for a programme of sessions to prepare you for a new role or to handle a situation that's happening right now.


    Flexible and adaptable, we support you to see issues (and yourself) from other perspectives. We challenge your assumptions and help you to take back a sense of control over the situation that you find yourself in. Above all, we help you to make a plan and to think differently about the situation, so that you can move forward and manage your work and your life in a more positive, less stressful way. We try to keep fees reasonable and affordable. Drop us a line on lp@coachingconsultants.co.uk for more information.

  • Meet the coaches

    What unites us is our belief in the difference coaching can make and our experience at the top of a variety of businesses. We've been there, done that and we're passionate about success and the bottom line.


    We also believe that we should be as well qualified as you are, so we are accredited, comply with codes of ethics and supervision requirements and undertake regular professional development.

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    Lindsay Paterson

    Founder and CEO

    Lindsay's experience includes 5 years as COO of a global public affairs consultancy, working closely with the CEO to grow the business to cover 60 markets globally.


    She has also run her own business, worked as an adviser to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and as part of the senior management team of a professional society.


    Lindsay has significant experience of managing for growth, innovation, change management and entrepreneurship, making her the ideal match for high- performers and entrepreneurs.


    She trained as a lawyer and holds an Executive Coaching qualification from the Association for Coaching where she is an Associate Member


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